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About the Owner - D. Ryan Seregow

Ryan started Bay Area Repeater Systems in August of 2001, with the idea of offering unparalleled and high-quality services which includes consultation, purchasing, installing, and tower site services that this industry demands.

In the Winter of 2012, Ryan decided it was time to expand the company and open what is now known as Comm1 Towers. With this new company, he has continued working with the many highly-recognized companies he's obtained over the years, and is successfully maintaining several tower facilities across the state with his tower crew and staff. In 2013, he changed the name of Bay Area Repeater Systems to Comm1 Systems to allow greater expansion of its services across California and the states.

Other than working in the RF industry, Ryan has over 20 years of extensive education and world-class experience as a professional audio mixing and mastering engineer for productions, broadcasting, and recording studio locations. He's owned three very successful music production companies (XTTA Productions, Valley Studio Productions, and Project88 Studios), created and managed several crews and teams in the audio industry for various high-end companies and major production houses, and has been an extremely successful audio design engineer and production director for several other music companies, production houses, and churches throughout the Silicon Valley of San Jose, California.

When Ryan is not in the office, he is out on the road as a landscape photographer, shooting locations that many never get to see or experience in their lifetime. Ryan also has over 27 years of specialized training as a professional pianist and film composer, and has won several music awards on district, state, and national levels. He's composed, conducted, and scored music for several independant films with the use of MIDI equipment, which is a rare talent and speciality for today's film scoring standards.

Whether it's working with companies, designing communication systems, meeting deadlines, or sending out critical emails for his clients, he's always ready to help you at a moments notice!

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