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Comm1 Towers (C1T) is a continuation of Comm1 Systems. Since the fall of 2012, we have seen huge growth and demand for a dedicated tower service company in the Northern and Central California regions, thus decided to further our goal of serving our clients by opening a new company that focuses solely on tower facility services.

C1T offers all of the major brands for antennas, hardline, tower structures, safety equipment, and tower accessories, and other tower facility-related products which allow us to give you more options when building a system of any size.

For our tower services, we are unlike any other company you've ever seen or interacted with. All of our crew members are extensively screened and tested before being hired, and each one of them must go through several training classes with hands-on tests and certification before even being allowed on our client's property or tower facility (regardless of past experience). This has allowed us to continue as an accident-free company since its start in 2001!

When their training and testing is complete, each crew member is constantly sharpening their skills by practicing them at our quarterly-mandated tower training classes. They maintain a high safety environment at every jobsite by following our strict company rules & guidelines, and place themselves at the top of the tower climbers industry by proving this each and every time. Our crews are drug-free, alcohol-free, and their appearance and attitudes are top-notch with their knowledge and experience.

Each tower crew member is also trained in our Comm1 Rescue in-house certification class which includes high-angle rope access training. Some of our climbers and ground personnel even have EMT certification and are working with other rescue agencies in the field when not on a project with us.

No matter what type of job or project is given to us, we will provide you with fast and safe results that are guaranteed beyond our standard business practices.

C1T also offers a surplus and used equipment take-back service through Comm1 Systems. We professionally remove all your old radio and tower equipment for a low cost, then replace them with new equipment that is required for your project or system upgrade at a discounted rate. This can save you from the hassle of removing the old equipment yourself and save you money in the long run.

We have served clients from across the San Francisco & Montery Bay areas, as well as the majority of both Northern & Central California and throughout the states. We also have excellent business references and hold several certifications and licenses with highly-recognized safety and government organizations.

Brief Service Overview:

  • Communication Facility Management
  • Communication Facility Maintenance
  • Facility Safety Inspections
  • Tower Equipment Sales
  • Tower Site Leasing
  • Tower Removal Services
  • Tower Emeregency Services
  • Emergency First Responder Service
    (Comm1 Rescue)

Whomever you are or wherever you work, we are committed to meet and exceed your work demands and business expectations. Our crew members, staff, and business associates have excellent knowledge in the departments they work in. Whether it's today, next month, or 15 years from now, we'll still be here for you and look forward to working with you in the near future.

To view a list of companies, organizations, and individuals we've served, check out our Business Clientele page here!

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