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Welcome To Comm1 Towers!
Comm1 Towers is a full-service communication facility company that serves the San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, Central and Northern California, and across the states with dedicated crews that put safety first and client demands/needs at a shy second. Comm1 Towers has been in business since 2008, but has derrived from its former company Bay Area Repeater Systems which started in 2001.

From rooftops to DAS networks to mountain peak tower facilities, our service, staff associates, and dedicated crews will maintain your wireless infrastructure with unparalleled success each and every time. It's what we do best!

Videos and photos on our website are examples of the types of work we offer, and all are visual witness tools of the high-quality services we offer here at Comm1 Towers. We hide nothing and maintain a 100% safe work zone with no injuries reported to date since its start in 2008. By continuing to uphold the strict standards we place among our tower crews, including quarterly-mandated training sessions for all crew members, we will continue to set the standard for the rest of the industry, providing goals for our fellow towerdogs to strive towards who work tirelessly on the tall steel structures of America and around the world.

All of our services are guaranteed 110% regardless of the size or difficulty of the project. Should any of our competitors' equipment fail at your facility at any time of the day or night, we offer emergency replacement services for you so you can get back on the air with minimal downtime.

Regardless of the service or equipment needs, the staff and crew members at Comm1 Towers maintain one of the top three tower service companies in Northern California, of the top five in the State, and of the top 50 in the nation. We're sure you'll choose us for your next project after reviewing our clientele list, photos and videos of past projects, and our vast selection of services we offer here.

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Thanks again for visiting Comm1 Towers. We look forward to discussing your next project with you!

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