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Services - Tower Equipment Sales & Maintenance

Since Comm1 Towers is a company that offers tower facility services, we also offer tower equipment sales for all facility types. Everything from monopoles to guyed structures, ice bridges and conduit runs to standoffs arms, FAA tower lighting to compound lighting, lighning and grounding protection, and tower safety equipment & signage is offered here!

We also offer complete equipment packages to compliment your current or future tower facility, including professional-grade hardline runs from both Andrew, CommScope, and Eupen with certified connector installation services.

Here are the product categories and services we offer:

  • Tower Accessories
    • Ice Bridges
    • Antenna Standoffs/Arms
    • Work Platforms
    • Mobile Shelters

With all this and more, we're sure your next project will be a complete success with satisfactory results! Contact us today or visit the pages above for more information!

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